The Nina Flora COLLECTION inlcudes pictures of floral and naturistic settings in a vintage light. The photographs are overlayed with a series of textures, giving it that weathered and aged appeal. I aim to capture warm color, soft texture, therefore creating a very romantic feel.
All the pictures below are offered as prints on the website, where many more can be viewed.

After, what seems like a short & mildly warm winter, my favorite season has arrived. Spring has sprung, and is the perfect time for capturing the timely blooms of the cherry blossoms and admiring the rebirth of natures most beautiful pallet. Here are just a couple of the recent outdoor shots taken within late winter and early April. For more floral photos, check out the link above entitled, "The Rest".

Autumn is Here!

Beautiful Weather and Luscious Color - Perfect for capturing natural light portraiture. Just a few from the start of the season. Be sure to check back, more to come!

Fun in the Sun!

These summer fun explorers don't seem to mind the heat! Just a few from the many hot outings this year!

Bellies & Babies, summer 2011